Intonation Exercise for Playing Better In Tune

Intonation Exercise for Playing Better In Tune This 4-part finger pattern exercise, done on one string at a time, will help you play better in tune by training your fingers and your ear where the half steps & whole steps occur. … Continue reading

Changing Your Strings

Fiddlers must change their strings once in awhile. This video will give you some tips on how to replace a broken string or put on a whole new set.

Basic Fiddle Tune Ending For The Keys of G, D & A

Basic Fiddle Tune Ending For The Keys of G, D & A. “Shave & A Haircut, Two Bits”. Every fiddle tune deserves a good ending and the most popular one, guaranteed to make your audience smile, is the ol’ “shave … Continue reading

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Whiskey Before Breakfast is a popular, old time breakdown reel in key of D.  A widely known, fun tune with quick chord changes, it is generally credited to the mid twentieth century Canadian fiddler Andy de Jarvis. Whiskey Before Breakfast: … Continue reading

Over The Waterfall

Credited to fiddler Henry Reed of Virginia, it’s possible Over The Waterfall was adapted from an Irish song “The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue” from a collection of Irish tunes c.1903. It has also been suggested that this tune might … Continue reading

Devils Dream

Among all the tunes that inspire a fiddler’s fancy, Devil’s Dream is right up there on the charts. It’s origin can be traced to the Scottish reel “The De’il Among The Tailors” which was composed c. 1790. Occasionally played in … Continue reading

June Apple

June Apple is a Mixolydian modal tune named after a June Apple, which is a small, early, tart apple that ripens in the spring in the southern United States. This tune is very popular in both the bluegrass and old-time … Continue reading


The fiddle tune Liberty is reputed to have served as Thomas Jefferson’s campaign song in the presidential campaign of 1800. It is often played for contra dancing today.

Girl I Left Behind Me

The Girl I Left Behind Me was known in America as early as 1650 as a traditional British fife tune. The tune became popular during the American Revolution. It’s still played today at both bluegrass and old-time fiddle jam sessions. … Continue reading

Salt Creek

The bluegrass fiddle tune “Salt Creek” is generally thought to be the name bluegrass legend Bill Monroe gave to his band’s 1963 version of the traditional tune “Salt River”.

Bill Cheatham

Bill Cheatham is a popular fiddle tune with bluegrass players. As with every fiddle tune there are endless variations to the melody and this tune is no exception. My version of it comes from the New England area. To play … Continue reading

Soldier’s Joy

Soldier’s Joy (c. 1760), with lyrics alluding to a soldier’s addiction to morphine, is possibly the best known fiddle tune in history, found all over North America, Great Britian and Europe in nearly every tradition, including Scandinavia, the French Alps … Continue reading

Red Haired Boy

Red Haired Boy reputedly was the nickname of a famous Scottish highwayman who was captured and executed in 1636. This melody is one of the relatively few common to fiddlers throughout Scotland and Ireland and was transferred nearly intact to … Continue reading

Angeline The Baker

Angeline The Baker is being credited to having been written by Stephen Foster in 1850.  He wrote many songs about “de good ol’ days on the plantation”……… One of the old verses is: Way down on de old plantation, dah’s … Continue reading

Old Joe Clark

Old Joe Clark: Most likely written as a children’s song with its silly, playful lyrics, Old Joe Clark seems to be one of the most widely known of all Southern fiddle tunes.   Composed around the turn of the 19th century, … Continue reading