Learn to play the popular fiddle tunes such as Old Joe Clark, Angeline the Baker and Devil’s Dream whether you play by ear or read music!  Lessons instructed by Berklee trained fiddler Gemma DeRagon.  Each lesson includes video instruction, chords to the tune, slow & fast audio practice files and lyrics when available.  Monthly membership is less than the cost of one private lesson and includes 24 hour access to all lessons.  Please see “Subscription Options” for complete details and “Lesson Directory” for the list of fiddle tune lessons currently offered.


Welcome!  I think you’ll love these lessons. Be sure to watch my short introduction video below.  To sample a complete lesson, visit the “Free Lesson” at the top of the page.

Sincerely, Gemma DeRagon

Member Feedback

Gemma!  This is so cool–I am so excited!!!  Wow, I can’t get over how great this is……It’s absolutely brilliant.   Bravo!!!!

A. Hagerman

This is a beautiful website and I love the close-ups of the fingerings.

P. Elledge

Oh my gosh,  this is FABULOUS!!!!   Great sound, loads fast and evenly on my old Dell and is the best site with music I’ve seen….

M. Adams

Your website looks great!  Download is fast, production quality good & you look like you’re having fun!  Nice editing job, too.

E. Mehaffy


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